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We empower young people to make informed career decisions by developing their skills through partnerships with local organisations, helping them achieve their full potential and pursue their passions.  


Careers in Building and Construction e-Resource
This resource will help you discover more about one of Geelong’s trending industries and Victoria’s priority industry.
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Careers in Food and Fibre e-Resource
This online learning student resource will help you discover more about one of Geelong’s trending industries - Food & Fibre. The Food & Fibre sector is a growth industry that is expected to drive economic growth and create employment opportunities in the near future.
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Careers in Community Service e-Resource
This e-resource has been developed for those working in the community sector. We hope you will find it useful as a discussion starter when you talk to job seekers about career opportunities in the local area. Supply chain and logistics is a sector that is currently struggling to fill all job vacancies. It is often poorly understood as a career pathway but has many entry level positions that can lead to secure, well paid careers.
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School to Industry e-Book
Our school to industry e-book includes over 400 links designed to stimulate students to think about where they might be heading in the future once they enter the world of work. It also features information on job application processes, interview preparation, local labour data as well as virtual industry tours.
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