School to Work Placements

About School to Work

School to Work is designed for students pursuing the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), VCE Vocational Major or a Victorian Pathways Certificate. This program allows for practical on-the-job experience through the integration of nationally recognised vocational education and training while the student is still at school.

How it Works

Find a Placement

Explore the Statewide Portal or seek guidance from our School to Work team to help you find an appropriate placement.

Fill out the Forms

Once you have found a placement, fill out the relevant information in the expression of interest form.

Apply for your Placement

Send your completed expression of interest form and details to our School to Work team below.

Placement Approval

Our School to Work team will contact you to help you organise and get your work experience placement approved.

School to Work Portal

The Department of Education’s Statewide School to Work Portal provides students and teachers with a single, easy to navigate place to explore work-based learning opportunities offered by a diverse range of employers.

You can search for opportunities by location, industry or VET certificate. Whether you’re a student or teacher seeking work experience or structured workplace learning, the School to Work Statewide Portal provides easy access to information and referrals.

Apply for a Placement

To apply for a placement, fill out an expression of interest form with all the relvant details. Our School to Work team will then be in contact with you to guide you through the steps to get your placement approved.

School to Work Placement Application

Are you a Local Business?

We are always looking for suitable local industry employers to host School to Work Experiences for secondary school students. If you’re a local business who is interested in hosting a young person and sharing your industry, contact our School to Work team below.

Need Help?

To get assistance oragnising a School to Work placement or to find out more, get in touch with our School to Work team: 

And for all other enquiries, get in touch with us below.